About Us

Afaaq, an Institution established on January 1st, 2002, is concerned with designing, developing, and managing Web sites. As a location to Afaaq, we chose Lebanon''s second city, Tripoli which is known for its ancient monuments and ruins heritage, and its renewable culture in both its present and its future.
Since its foundation and up to these days, Afaaq had implemented several projects and programs that provided it with an outstanding experience in its field of specialization. Afaaq is.....More

What We Do

Web Development
We all recognize the rapid changes in daily life and we recognize as well the importance of providing tools that enable site owners to respond to any event or activity they accomplish and spread out such as: a ceremony or a conference or perhaps the importance of adding a new.....More
Web Hosting
As we considered the client as a partner in our success, we always make sure we provide him with the best solutions and services possible. Furthermore, hosting the client''s site is an integral part of the two and this is the reason for which we are keen to provide a safe and.....More

Other Services


Nowadays, the means of publication are getting increased and electronic publishing turned out to be extremely important in our daily lives. Afaaq.....More

SMS Service

Communicating with people has become easier with the availability of SMS service. Afaaq provides this service to all those who hold regular meetings.....More

Informations to contact the technical support department:
• Telephone: +9616423988
• Fax : +9616423989
• Email : support@afaaq.com