About Us

Afaaq, an Institution established on January 1st, 2002, is concerned with designing, developing, and managing Web sites. As a location to Afaaq, we chose Lebanon''s second city, Tripoli which is known for its ancient monuments and ruins heritage, and its renewable culture in both its present and its future.
Since its foundation and up to these days, Afaaq had implemented several projects and programs that provided it with an outstanding experience in its field of specialization. Afaaq is constantly striving to achieve three objectives:
• Developing what has been done till the moment.
• Adding new and appropriate programs and services
• Updating itself with the latest techniques in its range of business and practices
Afaaq offers complete and integrated services. Its role sets off with the customers and this is just the beginning because it never stops. Afaaq is permanently to their side in order to offer them the appropriate services and solutions that satisfy their aspiration.
We have designed and developed several sites: cultural, commercial, news sites and other interactive sites that suit syndicates, associations and organizations. We have a special team that aim at meeting your prospects and developing your business.
We are here to provide you with advanced solutions in the area of the Internet. We had implemented major projects that support the three languages: Arabic, English, and French taking into account the future development and expansion of the project.
We can supply sites with a content management system that wholly supports the Arabic language which may be required by governmental institutions and non-governmental organizations. Moreover, through the techniques we offer, we open up the opportunity for staff to add or modify their site without having to be a specialist in the field of Computer Science.
Web sites and Internet users are going on in continuous growth. Therefore, introducing your commercial business or cultural, or social activity, and giving the chance for people to communicate with you and for you to communicate with them constantly is bounded to having a website of your own, which is the most important key to success. Afaaq will be in your service to help you access your website.
Our company conceives of customers as partners. Their success is one of the components of our success. Thus we give each project the necessary attention and we apply to our work certain measures that ensure quality and thus satiate the customer.
You are invited to start a successful project with us, and in case you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.