Site Management

The Services that we offer in managing sites and updating their content are done according to a calender (daily, weekly, monthly...) and a plan which is agreed upon by the customer.

Among these services we mention:
• Processing  texts, images, graphs and tables.
• Printing texts.
• Translation of texts.
• Designing annual reports, bulletins, forms, and applications.
• Preparing cultural materials and researches.
• Following up  what is published in the press as news and articles and so on.
• Tracking  a specific media  and recording programs and then preparing  and publishing them on the site.
• Processing files (Video & Audio) and publishing them on the site.
• Designing ads and logos.
• Preparing competitions.
• Preparing opinion surveys.
• Communicating with visitors of the site and receiving their messages, their inquiries and responding to them
• Marketing the Website, its publication and its presentation.

Add to this the availability of other sources required by interactive sites.