Design & Editing

Design is not just simply an image...When the ideas are new and diverse, the bright colors selected carefully, the pictures and the graphics harmonious with the theme of the site, the addition of the flash feature to add more beauty and vitality or to highlight most importantly the access to the site and the rapid download of pages, the flexible navigation between pages and sections, the clear and pleasant texts, the enjoyable projects... If all these functionalities are combined together and made available, it could be argued that the site is designed deliberately and carefully.
Afaaq pays attention to every aspect and minutest detail of the design.

The design of a Website is not all what you need to introduce your business. The realization of everything you desire (such as ads and publications) by one unique institution is a positive asset. For the purpose being, we tried hard to offer you a variety of services with high qualifications and standards. Among these services, we may mention:
- Designing Logos, identity cards, and samples of letters.
- Designing advertisements and promotional material.
- Designing books and magazines.
- Doing a simple editing for video or audio files and preparing them for publication in the site.
- Preparing short filmed reports.